TopFiber is an unique innovation from Finland. As Finland is best known for its beautiful nature and cold winters, is Arto Martiskainen, the inventor of TopFiber, well known as a pioneer of hair styling services in Finland. Martiskainen has been working with hair styling since 1973, first as an owner of multiple hair salons and a hair product importer and now as an inventor. About one in two women over the age of 50 suffers from hair loss. In men, hair loss often begins before the age of 30, and most men in their fifties suffer from baldness.

Martiskainen first noticed a problem with previous manual spray applicators because it was inconvenient to use and he wasn’t happy with the end result. After numerous feedback from customers he decided to develop his own electronic hair fiber applicator. In the past his customers had trouble using the product effectively on their own hair and he knew that there should be a smoother and easier way to precisely apply fibers exactly where you need it. Martiskainen enrolled in an product development class, determined to create TopFiber. After teaming up with students from Aalto University, the electric applicator which defines the TopFiber, was created. The hair fiber used in the thickener is produced in Martiskainen’s own production facility in eight different shades.


The TopFiber fiber product is sprayed on the hair using an electronic technology sprayer. The device has a long-lasting lithium battery.

The pump is built so that the fiber spreads very evenly and imperceptibly in the hair. It is not clear from the hair where the fiber has been sprayed. The fiber product is a really good quality natural fiber.

The pump has three speeds, which allow the hair to get e.g. natural forehead boundary. The fiber is firmly attached to the hair by means of an electric charge and in addition, the product range includes a fixing spray.

The device has a one-year warranty and is CE approved. The hair fiber sprayer is patented in the EU, the United States and Hong Kong.