TopFiber – new hair building fiber for thinning hair

TopFiber hair building fiber is 100% made in Finland. The product is made from natural keratin fiber, the same protein that our natural hair contains. TopFiber adds volume and fullness to hair and helps cover up the scalp. Thousands of tiny protein fibers adhere statically to the hair. To lock the product in, use the special quick drying TopFiber hair fiberhold spray. Finally, you lock the hair fibers in place with TopFiber fixing spray. TopFiber hair sticks stay in place despite wind, rain or sweating.

Thousands of tiny protein fibers attach to thinning hair through an electric charge and the results are noticable immediately.

Choose the colour and size according to your needs

TopFiber hair building fiber is available in eight tones – the darker the
tone, the better the coverage. Three package sizes. How long will a
bottle of TopFiber last; regular 15g – approximately 30 days, large 28g –
approximately 60 or more days, giant 45g – approximately 120 or more
days. This quality product is easy to use and is available for both
professional and home use.

It is very easy to sprinkle the hair fiber on the bottle’s own sprinkler lid or with an electronic hair fiber sprayer developed by AM Production.

  1. Towel dry or blow dry your hair. Use the product only on dry hair.
  2. Sprinkle TopFiber fibers on the problem area directly from the bottle or use an electronic hair fiber spray.
  3. Keep the can about 10-15 cm above the area that needs thickening. To cover smaller areas, take the can closer to the area to be thickened. Squeeze or shake the can.
  4. Use a hairbrush or any comb and style your hair the way you want.
  5. If the coverage is not enough, add TopFiber and comb your hair until it looks thick.
  6. Finally, lock the hair fibers with TopFiber special dry fixative. After use, close the lid of the can and store in a dry place.
  7. You can remove TopFiber fibers from your hair by washing your hair.

Your hair looks completely natural and authentic

TopFiber transform fine, thin or thinning hair instantly. Your hair look is much fuller and thicker and it is undetectable even at close range. TopFiber does not run or smudge – it stays firmly in place in wind, rain and during exercise. It washes out easily with normal shampoo. TopFiber is safe to use in combination with other hair loss treatments.hdessä hiustenlähtöä ehkäisevien hoitojen kanssa.

New TopFiber hair fiber sprayer

The electronic TopFiber hair fiber nebulizer, developed and patented by AM Production, is now available. Thinning hair has never been so effortless before! With the electronic TopFiber hair fiber sprayer, thinning is convenient. Putting the hair follicle can in the sprayer is easy. Likewise speed and intensity control. The sprayer has three different speeds, the slowest speed is for forehead threshing. Rechargeable lithium battery. Ergonomic design.