Hair Vitamin - nourishes and strengthens hair


Hair hair is a Nordic food supplement developed to promote hair well-being. Its ingredients holistically support the health of the scalp and hair and protect cells from oxidation. The hair vita pack contains both a vitamin and a trace element tablet and a capsule containing a lot of macadamia nut oil, which is widely used in hair care.

Food supplement, 56 capsules, 56 tablets, 109.2g



  • Strengthens hair and nourishes hair roots
  • Comprehensively supports the health of the scalp and hair
  • Protects cells from oxidation
  • High quality source of omega -3, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids
  • Ten active ingredients for hair well-being


2 tablets and capsules contain:

Macadamia oil 1500 mg

Marine collagen 400 mg

Rosemary extract 200 mg

Fenugreek 200 mg

C-vitamin 200 mg (250 %*)

Niacin 20 mg (125 %*)

Zinc 20 mg (200%*)

Copper 1 mg (100 %*)

Biotin 200 µg (400 %*)

Selenium  54 µg (98 %*)
*% of daily intake reference value


Tablet ingredients:

Marine collagen, rosemary extract, renugreek extract, sodium ascorbate, nicotinamide, zinc bisglycinate, copper bisglycinate, biotin, maltodextrin


Cellulose, magnesium salts of fatty acids

Anti-caking agents:

Calcium phosphate, silica


Surface treatment agent:


Capsule ingredients: 

Macadamia oil (from macadamia nuts), gelatin

Stabilizer: glycerol.



Store the product in dry conditions at room temperature and out of sunlight.

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